Today’s Woman Magazine really put on a show Tuesday night 
to honor the 12 women who won "Most Admired" in their category!
My sincere thanks to everyone at Today’s Woman for making us feel so special.
That’s Cathy Zion, publisher of Today’s Woman on the stage with me.  If it wasn’t for her great leadership and vision, none of us would have been recognized.  Thank you Cathy.
Each one of us was asked to speak about a woman
that we admire the most.
There were many heartfelt testimonials that spoke to the spirit and determination
of women today and throughout history.
I chose to talk about Dorothy Draper, a pioneering interior designer from the early 20th century.
(See my blog "Dorothy Draper Revisited" for more on this amazing woman)
Many of my closest friends and family were able to attend the celebration.
Krista Newton, my able assistant, is my bedrock…and close friend.
Some of the "girls" in my family. 
I’m so glad they were there.
So lucky to have my own family together for the event.  It’s rare these days!
The biggest surprise of all was this group of ladies!  
All wonderful friends from our little community of Anchorage.  
What memories we share of our kids growing up.
All of you created a new special memory for me by being there.
Sometimes design takes a very personal direction, away from the creative process.
This was one of those times.  And I’m grateful.



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