A Reminder


With Thanksgiving just a few days away, 

I’m thinking about what I am most thankful for…
And the answer is easy –
Both immediate and extended, they all play an important role in my life.
I was reminded of just how much this past week
when my siblings, from far and wide, descended on Louisville to
move our mother into Miralea, a fabulous new independent-living community.


Each one of us had a role to play and we did it well.
My brother came from Atlanta and turned into our "Tech Guru",
My sister from Tampa tackled the master bedroom and closet and brought a sense of order to it all.
She was also our comic relief (a fairly significant contribution during a few intense moments)
My other sister and her husband were the designated contractors
in charge of building, hanging, repairing whatever we needed
And I was given the task of  designing a new home for my mom that would
feel as good as the one she just left…

I think we succeeded
Welcome home, Mom!


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