Bermuda – Stunning Exteriors

Ok, I know I’m obsessed with this place, but honestly,
can you blame me?
It’s a designer’s dream to be surrounded with all this charm, both inside and out, 
and I just can’t resist sharing another post with you
So today I’m taking you on another little tour around the island. 
But  this time, I’ve narrowed my focus to 
because they truly are exceptional…and oh so unique.
Just look at this adorable little cottage.  
It looks like something straight out of Hansel and Gretel! 
Right in the middle of Hamilton, it’s tucked between an office building and a park.
Notice the Bermuda Cedar door and gate. 
The Bermuda Cedar tree covered most of the island when British settlers arrived in the 1600’s
and it was used for everything from building churches and ships to a cure for toothaches!
Loved for it’s exotic aroma, it was also found to repel moths and prevent mildew and rot.
But in the 1950’s a scale wiped out almost 90% of these beautiful trees.
Now, because of its rarity, Bermuda Cedar is a status symbol – 
seen only in the wealthier homes on the island.
And its aroma is considered a smell of affluence.
I would guess that this residence on the water has its share of Bermuda Cedar, wouldn’t you?
Bermuda has a long history of ship building…and ship WRECKS!
I discovered this beautiful tile mosaic discreetly placed on a side wall of a shop in Hamilton.
"Bermudians seem to enjoy any opportunity to beautify their city 
with visual surprises in unexpected places."
One of my favorite places is the town of 
It is claimed to be the oldest continuously inhabited English town in the New World!
And the historic building are everywhere.
The amazing thing to me is that they are in such perfect condition.
The Town Hall is so pristine!

I’d be hard-pressed to find a more elegant post office!

Notice the Cedar windows?  Gorgeous combination of plaster and wood.

That’s a drug store tucked in the courtyard. Wow!

St George street corner.
Check out the color scheme here – coral pink, green and blue with crisp white accents.

 I was particularly drawn to the deep balcony on this building.
You can just imagine the conversations that have taken place through the centuries on a hot summer day…

But THIS is the most stunning view, in my opinion.
The Fairmont Princess in downtown Hamilton is one of the crowne jewels of Bermuda!
Built in 1885, it was fondly named after Princess Louise, the 4th daughter of Queen Victoria,
who visited the hotel as a winter retreat and called it "a place of eternal spring".
I agree!

And yes, that’s my yacht docked in the harbor…
One can always dream



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