Bermuda – The Sky Club Mural’s Journey

I’m facinated with wall murals!
I love the sheer beauty of them – the interesting details, vivid colorations, 
and the fact that they tell a story.
And I’ve featured them on my blog from time to time…
Maybe I subconsciously seek them out where ever I happen to be
maybe they seek me out..
I don’t know, but our paths have crossed once again!
On my recent trip to Bermuda, I made reservations at 
The Point Restaurant  at Tucker’s Point Resort to celebrate my husband’s birthday.
Little did I know that there was a fabled mural waiting to greet me!
Sky Club mural at The Point Restaurant
This mural has had quite a fateful journey to get here.
It started its life in 1965, gracing the walls of the Sky Club  
 in what was once the Pan Am Building in New York City.
To me that’s enough of a story in itself.  I’m obsessed with 60’s lifestyle!  
Did anyone catch the short-lived ABC period drama called "Pan Am"?
It was all about the pilots and flight attendants who made Pan Am Airways so glamorous.
Sorry for the digression…Back to the story
Commissione by Juan Trippe, the founder of Pan American World Airways,
the original 80 ft mural was the work of Gerard D’Alton Henderson.
It depicts the various ports-of-call visited by early Clipper ships in the 1800’s .
Facinated with Clipper ships, 
it’s not surprising that Juan Trippe wanted to glorify them in this mural. 
  He even named his aircraft after them!
The mural was completed in 1966 and remained in the Sky Club for 45 years.
Fast forward to December 2005…
The Sky Club closed and the mural was put up for auction.
Ed Trippe, son of Juan Trippe, was there, hoping to save the mural from an uncertain future.
He had an ambitious plan – to bring the mural to Bermuda 
to adorn the restaurant in his new venture, a luxurious resort called Tucker’s Point. 
But he was OUTBID!
If it hadn’t been for the winner withdrawing his bid, 
this fabulous mural would have been hidden 
forever from public eye.
It certainly has the attention it deserves now!
This is my one and only photo of the mural.  
I took it on the sly as we walked through the crowded dining room to our table.
But during dinner, 
my eyes kept wandering 360 around the room to catch all the different 
views of this incredible work of art.  Believe me, it was breathtaking.
This is the same view of the Port of London and Gouchester Seaport as seen on the artist’s website
Another port-of-call, Rio de Janeiro 1850’s
And my favorite, Victoria Harbor, Hong Kong 1860’s
Needless to say, it was a very "glamorous" experience for me.
After learning the story of the mural’s connection to Pan Am, the 60’s
and the precarious path back to its rightful owner, I was mesmerized.
It has all the intriguing ingredients for a great movie, don’t you think?



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