Cabinet of Curiosities


courtesy of Berlin-Naturkundmuseum

This term has always facinated me.  Maybe it’s my passion for
that draws me to the concept.
I even have a Pinterest Board called "Collections"!


Originally borne in Renaissance Europe, cabinets of curiosities, or
cabinets of wonder, were encyclopedic collections of objects yet to be defined.
They were regarded as a microcosm or
"theater of the world"
 according to Wikipedia.

Just the description conjures up images of strange and wonderful oddities
waiting to be examined and admired.

I can’t help imagining the "cabinet" being updated for our lifestyles today.
But first you have to have a collection of something to display…
Start with an object that intrigues you enough to want more,
then build on that theme
until you have a curated collection of
similar,yet unique, items to showcase.

Your collection can be anything, really.
Maybe it’s not from the natural world,
as was the case with the originals,
" You can still create the same curiosity with your own version" 

Part of the fun is searching for additions to your collection,
but the best part is seeing them all together in a cabinet!

Currey and Company 

Make the cabinet as unique as your treasures.
This "Tramp Art" style cabinet is the perfect backdrop for highlighting
a collection of Majolica.


Maybe you need a case that allows you to view your collection from all sides!

Blue Ocean Traders curio cabinet

I see a model car collection reigning supreme in here.



Want something more elegant?
This regency-style cabinet is regal enough to house
your most precious collection…

Sarried Grafton Cabinet

of rare books.
Envision how beautiful these old leather bindings would look
against the cream painted interior.
Instant patina!


Bring out your own personality with a great collection
and build a
"Cabinet of Curiosities"
around it.
It’s not only an interesting conversation piece,
but it serves as a unique focal point in your home.
Talk about a

(Check out my Style Booster posts for more tips)



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