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Suzanne Rheinstein design


"Have fewer things but better things"
This quote from Suzanne Rheinstein 
has stayed with me since I read it in a recent issue of  HOUSE BEAUTIFUL.
Such a simple concept
when it comes to our own homes,
not so easy to implement.
As we’ve been talking about 
I can’t help but think about the importance of making good choices along the way.
We all strive to live in a simpler, more fulfilling way,
by surrounding ourselves with meaningful possessions
and eliminating unnecessary clutter.
This means we have to be the "editors" of our own spaces
by only allowing those things that 
stay true to our personal style,
and contribute to the overall ambiance of our home 
To me, each design decision should be based on these three questions:
*Does it give me joy?
*Does it have a place and purpose?
*Is it the best quality I can afford?
Ask yourself these questions next time you get the 
urge to buy
something for your home.
I guarantee if you stick with this
the results will be astounding!
One day you will look around and be able to say,
"I love everything about my home!"
And isn’t that the whole point? 
From Joan Waddell’s personal collection


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