Color track – Pear!

It’s coming!  
I know it’s still Fall out there but we’re already seeing 
the Spring lines from our fabric reps.
And the hot color that’s emerging is 


It’s a cool mix of citron with a little neon thrown in.
Not quite yellow….OR green
but a energetic kind of color that makes you look twice!
Following the current trend of all things organic,
it’s hard to imagine this high octane color really exists in nature…
via Color World trend report
But clearly its abundant!  
Think luscious fruit and the vibrancy of the rain forest.
And as you can see, teamed up with these other saturated colors,
"Pear" can play a leading role or take a back seat.
Global Views ice vase-Limeade
This gorgeous art glass even mimics the shape of a pear!
Lorts showroom
I’m crazy about this combo!  What could be better than a jolt of "Pear" 
in this soothing neutral room?  
It takes it to a whole new level of sophistication.
Note the touches of this color carried around the room.
 Thibaut Novia fabric
But I have to say this is my favorite mix.  
Blue and white just got fresher with the introduction of Pear!
Looking towards a fun spring palette
to brighten up our dreary days ahead.



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