Creating the magic

It all started with a chance meeting at Fall Market…
I was in the Arteriors showroom and spotted Scot Meacham Wood
Interior Designer and blogger Extraordinaire!
is one of my favorites.  
He has a way of inviting you into his little corner of the world that is both engaging and informative.
when I read on a recent post that he was having his 
Second Annual Holiday Decorating Contest
I knew I just couldn’t resist a good competition!
…especially when it has to do with Christmas.
Boxes are pulled from the attic and I’m ready to go!
I love my black and white foyer,
especially at Christmas when I play up the theme with lots of silvery glitz and glitter
Design by Joan Waddell/J. Waddell Interiors

The inspiration for the decorations is my antique silver wedding cake chandelier
which I purchased BEFORE we ever bought this house!
Must have been a premonition because it looks like it "belongs" there, don’t you think?

    This is just the beginning…

Wait till you see my 12 ft. tree with antique silver ornaments!


Decorating my own home for Christmas is truly a labor of love.
It’s my special gift to the family that we all look forward to year after year.
And I think Scot summed it up so well when I asked him about the holidays,

"The holidays for me have always been a season of magic – in the way that the ordinary gives way
to the magical.  The boundaries of time and space – of friends and family – all melt away and we
can once again see the world through the eyes of delighted children.  So for me
holiday decorating is all about creating the place for these reconnections to happen.
Setting the stage for magic."

I’m setting the stage in my corner of the world and hoping it creates the "Magic"!


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