DESIGN RADAR 2015 – My Top Three

Is it 2015 ALREADY?

Seems like we were just celebrating the turn of the century!
Think back to the year 2000…
What would you have predicted interior design trends to be 15 years into the future?
Some predictions have been fairly, well,… "Predictable"
but I would say that many more were not even on the radar!


Yes, we expected technology to play a major role in molding our interior spaces,
but the big surprise to me has been the
increasing demand for authenticity within those "high-tech" environments.

 We want our gadgets and toys with us at all times, but
we want to enjoy them in a space that feels connected to the natural world.
Our love of organic materials is emerging as an interesting counterpoint to
 the technology we’ve come to depend on everyday.
Could it be that opposites attract?


 design trends 

promise to energize the spirit,
 soothe the soul

and complement our ever-changing 



With that in mind, what’s on my radar for 2015?


Arteriors Kazu dining table

The organic trend has been with us for a while, but
what’s new is that it’s being stripped down to its purist form.
Instead of stylized replicas of wood and stone,
we’re now seeing the "real deal" being played out in furniture and accessories.
 "One of a kind" pieces draw us in to take a closer look;
to explore and admire their uniqueness.

Emporium Home Agate Chandelier


Jamie Drake for Soicher-Marin

Phone snaps, Pinterest, and the world of social media
has created a whole new level of visual awareness.
We love capturing the "essence" of an event
or a fleeting detail in the landscape with our phones, and
we want to immortalize these images for our homes.
Enter technology!
With advancements in digital printing, we can reproduce almost anything,
in any size, in any variation.
The image can be manipulated to give you a micro close up view
like the artwork above, called "Orange and Green Monarch"
or blown up to cover an entire wall.

bamboo grove wall mural via


Lillian August for Hickory White

A far cry from your grandmother’s version,
the new traditional is modern and full of surprises!
It’s timeless in reference but has been reinvented in a way
that excites the senses.
There’s a comfort in seeing familiar shapes, patterns and colors,
The difference now is that designers are amplifying the familiar to
create totally updated furnishings that respond to our current lifestyles.
Even the four poster bed is enjoying a revival.
 But the Celerie Kemble bed below is definitely a new take
on the classic.
It’s the perfect mix of luxe and high style!

Celerie Kemble Ferrus bed for Henredon

It’s a new year and it’s looking bright!
The spirit and creativity of the style makers in the design world
are making our living environments even better.
With each new introduction, we are given more fabulous choices
to create our perfect "nest"

So here’s to 2015…
May it energize, 
your life today.



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