Dorothy Draper Revisited


I can’t wait to show you the photos from my recent visit to the Greenbrier.  What a tranformation from the last time I was there! The entire resort has been revitalized with new ownership and casino.  Originally designed by Dorothy Draper, the renovation remains true to her vision with Carlton Varney at the helm.

Dorothy Draper, one of the great design icons of the 20th century, displayed an exuberance in her designs that shocked the world.  She was never swayed by the resistance to her bold color combinations. To the contrary, it fueled further experimentation in the things she instinctively knew were the key building blocks to her distinctive style.

In addition to mixing unlikely colors, 
she exaggerated scale to create drama.  Those lamps are 45″ tall!
And yes, that’s a clock on the wall.  
But it’s far from typical with the heavy ornamentation that makes it a statement piece
She understood the power of exciting the "eye" as you move through one space to another.
Every turn creates an opportunity to surprise and delight.

Descending to the casino level presented a design challenge in itself.  With no natural light and a perception of going down to a basement, masterful use of  visual tricks added up to a stair well with star power!

The casino lobby definitely puts you in the mood to gamble!  
Dorothy Draper loved to create framed vignettes to intrigue and entice you to move toward a new space.
Notice the use of color to pull the eye from the blue sofa to the blue wall in the casino.
Nothing is left to chance. Every detail is well thought out.  This incredible crystal chandelier is one of a dozen that hangs in the main dining room.  I couldn’t take my eyes off of it!
Whats not to love!  

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