I’m a huge advocate of original art.  Every home should have it.  Whether it’s a highly valued piece or not is really not the point.  Fine art is a relative term and in my book, it’s "fine" if it speaks to you!

There are so many sources for original art that it’s not difficult to stay in budget.  I love to roam through local art galleries but roaming the stalls of an art fair like Saint James is just as much fun.  With the variety of art on display, it’s a great way to fine tune your style.

J. Waddell Interiors

In this kitchen and den that I designed, the art takes center stage.  My clients love to hunt for pieces that inspire them.
From wall art to sculpture, each piece hold special meaning.  They talk to the artists, learn about the concept behind the art and make their decisions based on that connection.

I always enjoy visiting their home to see the new additions to a growing collection.  Note the hand-blown pendant light over the island that I found for them.  It has the same artistic vibe as the artwork!

J. Waddell Interiors

I am personally drawn to impressionist art, such as this wonderful piece in my client’s dining room. When building the house,  we made sure there was a special place for it to hang.  The sconces were also selected to complement the art and provide soft illumination.

J. Waddell Interiors

A playful mix of media adds excitement to this
redesigned corner of my client’s home office. The selection of each element in this small space was critical but until I found these three pieces of art, it wasn’t energized.  Imagine no art on the walls….then you understand the impact!



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