Five “MUST HAVES” for your interiors

Five "MUST HAVES" for your interiors

Are you ready to graduate from throw away furniture? 

Are you tired of having to replace things because they break down so quickly?

Then it may be time to start "investing" in better quality furnishings so you can build your collection over time. 

I am hearing this common theme with my clients more and more.

They want to create a home that has layers, a sense of place and looks beautiful…  

But they are stuck on how to get there.


  Be patient and collect quality furnishings over time – things you love, tell your story, AND are the best quality you can afford. These are the pieces that you will enjoy forever and never want to "throw away".

So how do you get started?  I’ve come up with FIVE "MUST HAVES" for you to make it a little less daunting. It doesn’t matter which one you choose first, just make sure you ask the right quesitons.

                                                                 1.  Do I love it now and forever?

                                                                 2.  It is the best quality I can afford?

                                                                 3.  Does it tell my story?




I have to say I would put this at the top of the list.  There is nothing quite as timeless as an antique chest of drawers. The attention to details and beautiful time-worn patina cannot be duplicated. And as you can see, it can be updated to fit any decor! This piece will move around as you do.  It may not fit in your current foyer, but can stand in as a great living room lamp table, or bedside storage. It will work  equally well with both traditional AND contemporary furnishings. And you will never see a need to get rid of a chest because it’s the one piece that is multi-functional for all phases of your life. Learn as much as you can about the different periods of furniture and then hone in on your favorites.  


Whether you are a fan of traditional oriental rug patterns or the newest looks, choosing an quality oriental rug means you will have a rug that will last through years of foot traffic, stains, and fleeting trends. Buy from a reputable source who can give you guidance in picking the best option for you. Take good care of it and it will take great care of you!

  #3   BED FRAME

 How many of us ignore our bedrooms in favor of the more visible spaces?  There are soooo many reasons to make your bedroom a santuary. But that’s another blog post   Start with a well-constructed bed frame and you will be on your way to changing the whole attitude of your bedroom.  Not sure you will like the look 5 years from now? There are many beds out there that are changeable – like this one I used in a showhouse.  The canopy can be taken down for a totally different look!  


I’m a huge fan of Alexa Hampton and her design ethos.  She knows how to pay homage to classics while always keeping her interiors fresh and up-to-date, like the sofa you see here in a Long Island home she designed. Great lines and cushy comfort are sure to make this a favorite spot for years to come. But what’s on the inside is as much a sign of quality as the style and its covering. Beware when you compare. Is the frame kiln-dried dense wood?  Does it have eight-way hand-tied springs? These things add up to longevity in a sofa, which means you can recover again and again, rather than throwing the whole thing to the curb!


There are so many sources now for original art that there’s really no reason to buy mass-produced prints anymore. Since prices are all over the map, decide on your budget and get an education before you buy. If you can’t spring for a well-known artist, visit art fairs and find an artist’s work that appeals to you.  You never know, they might become the next big name!


I’m finally happily blogging again after a year hiatus! And I can’t wait to share more fun posts with you so come back and visit. Cheers!




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