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I’ve always loved 
British Colonial Style
with it’s breezy kind of elegance.
So taking a peek at Bermudian interiors,both old and new, 
was a real treat for me when I was there on vacation recently.
Tucker House, St. George, Bermuda
A must-see on my tour was the President Tucker House,
which is considered the most typical of early Bermudian house construction.
Tucker House dining room via
Inside was an very clean aesthetic so prevalent in British Colonial Style…
light walls, bare floors, and a decidedly civilized collection of silver, china and crystal
Bermuda became a colony of the Kingdom of Great Britain in 1707
and with it the came the refined tastes of British nobility who settled there.
But the interesting part of this story is that once they arrived
and experienced the tropical weather, their lifestyle had to adapt,
which is where British Colonial Style was born!
Tucker House bedroom via
They became very inventive in the way they integrated their love of elegant interiors
with a necessity to STAY COOL!
While their counterparts in England were embracing heavy adornments like 
velvet drapes, oriental rugs and excessive decorative accessories
the Brits of Bermuda were embracing lighter fabrics, clean surfaces
and cane-backed furniture that would "breath".
Tucker Point Lobby
And the aesthetic lives on!  
We had dinner at the glorious new resort, Tucker’s Point
where they have successfully mixed traditional British style
with laid-back island charm.
Tile floors (just a few rugs), creamy walls and rich woods
set the tone while traditional floral drapes finish this unique look.
And our greeter, decked out in his Bermuda shorts, was picture-perfect, too!
Fairmont Southamton lobby
 Our hotel lobby was much larger than Tucker’s Point but the 
British Colonial Style was still very evident with the
bright, colorful carpet, 
mahogany center table 
and those cute cloverleaf ottomans tucked in so perfectly.

But I’ll leave you with this view that is far more spectacular than ANY interior space could ever be!  
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