I have to say…
 if I was going to suggest the BEST way to define
"STYLE" in your home, it would be to start a 
"There’s nothing that speaks more about who you are 
than a personally curated assembly of like objects"
It’s not only about the collection itself, but the story behind it.
One of the things I collect is 
Herend porcelain figurines.
I got my first one on our honeymoon at the beach.
And then I was hooked!
Now, every time we go on a trip, we pick out a new piece to add to the collection.
Over the years, we’ve built quite a story of our travels through these exquisite figurines.
What you see here is just a sampling.  I like to change it up, with my mood, so it remains fresh.
And I love mixing with other objects like the Limoges tasseled box.
Part of the fun is rearranging.  
My latest find, the black Chinoiserie jewelry box 
became the perfect perch for my Herend monkey!
 William Bluck and Co, Ltd.
So as you know, I recently went to Bermuda on vacation.
One day when I was wandering around the city of Hamilton, 
I stumbled upon my "Herend Heaven"!
Bluck’s of Bermuda is a fabulous gift store that has been in business for 160 years
and they specialize in Herend china.
When I walked up the stairs to their Herend gallery, I just gasped!
I’ve never seen a more extensive collection!  It was striking to see this many pieces together.
And then these fish plates caught my eye!  
The hand painted details and color combinations were absolutely stunning.
I learned the story behind this collection from the sales associate…
Bluck’s commissioned Herend to create an exclusive line for their Bermuda store.
"The Reef Fish Series"
 features 12 different fish found along the shores and reefs around the island
like the Stoplight Parrotfish, Spanish Hogfish, and my favorite, the Seahorse (of course).


I can imagine a collection of these plates gracing the wall in a dining room.
How fabulous would THAT be…

I love fine porcelain and that’s why I am so attracted to Herend and wanted to collect it.
But your story is going to be very different from mine.
Whether you love vintage hair pins or old movie posters,
there’s a collection just waiting for you.
Think about the things YOU are drawn to
and expand on it by starting your own collection!


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