FRIDAYfinds! – Flame Run

Is this not the most beautiful glasswork you’ve ever seen?
Sometimes the "Best of Class" is right under your nose!
I made a visit recently to 
which is a world-class  glass blowing studio and gallery
located in my own hometown!
You know how it is.  You hear about all these wonderful local jewels
that you "plan" to visit, but because they’re so accessible,
they continually get pushed to the back burner.
Well, I’m truly thankful I finally made my way downtown to see this incredible place!
The owner, Brook White, is the creative and business guru behind Flame Run.
And he’s on a mission to expose ALL of us. from school children to grandmothers,
to the art of glass blowing.
His venture is a combination of a working studio and gallery.
On any given day, you can tour the plant and see the transformation of glass balls into works of art.
I had the best time walking around the gallery!  
Beautifully displayed with drop-dead lighting, 
each glass piece seemed to float in space. 
But obviously I had my favorites
Is this REALLY glass?  Reminds me of chess pieces.
And grouped together, they would be gorgeous on a coffee table!
But my absolute favorite was this display of perfume bottles.
If I had to pick just one, could I?
My hat is off to Brook White of Flame Run!
Not only is he an accomplished glass artist,
but because he made his home right here is Louisville 
we can all enjoy the fruits of his creative labors whenever the mood strikes!
I know I will be back often.


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