FRIDAYfinds! – Good Friday Inspiration

It starts at 12:01 on Good Friday – 
the step by step ascent to one of the highest points in Cincinnati,
Holy Cross Immaculata Church in Mount Adams.
Catholics line up at the bottom of  the very long, and very steep staircase
to wait their turn to climb up to the church, praying and reflecting on each step.
A tradition that started over a hundred years ago, is still going strong
with an anticipated gathering of 8-10,000 Christians from around the world
 expected to make the pilgrimage to the top,
It is a beautiful sight, as experienced by my daughter this morning
when she made her way down the steps as she walked to work
from her apartment in Mount Adams.
It must have touched her as much as it did me – 
she texted later in the day and said she was headed back up the steps,
this time, praying, every step of the way. 
Have a joyous Easter!

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