FRIDAYfinds! – Repurposing hits High Point!

Butler Aviator Collection
When I pulled up this new introduction from a vendor today, I had to take a second look!
Is it a bird? Is it a plane? No it’s……..not superman.
It’s an airplane wing re-purposed into a cool desk.
And what style it has.  Something very quirky and retro about it.
"I love the idea of owning a tiny chunk of aviation history"
It seems the manufacturers can’t get enough of this trend at High Point Spring Market.
And I’m glad to see it.  
It speaks to our growing desire to recycle, reuse, and re-purpose
whenever possible.
What’s amazing is the totally creative products that are emerging
as a result of this high demand for "greener" furnishings that have some form of "historical reference".
Re-purposing is the logical path.  
Whether its a table or lamp, it instantly feels more grounded and important.
when something "old" is part of the design.
Maybe that’s because we love to trace the roots and imagine a great story line.
Seriously, can you think of a more unique conversation piece than an airplane wing?



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