FRIDAYfinds! – Show House chairs steal the show!

When I envisioned the
for the Bellarmine Show House
I wanted a "wow" statement
that would stand out in a exciting, elegant way.
On my concept board, I included a fabulous red chair fabric 
with aqua, gray and yellow in it  This became the signature of my room
and the "springboard" for the rest of the design.
The idea for this space was to create a cozy sitting area
for long tete-a-tetes between good friends.
So the chairs became the most important design element in the entire room!
My check list?  They had to be inviting, fun to look at,
and SUPREMELY comfortable.
This red fabric was the perfect choice to cover my big, luxurious lounge chairs.
When I saw my chairs on Pearson’s Facebook page, my heart skipped a beat!  
They had just been completed in the factory and were ready to ship.
THAT’S when I knew I had a winner (or two)!
They turned out to be even more stunning than I had dreamed.
Who could resist their allure?
If these beauties didn’t invite you to "take a seat", I don’t know what would.
I was sooo excited when we finally had the chairs in the room!
With the walls painted that luminous shade of Aqua
the backdrop was set for the unveiling of the 
The aqua paired with red was so energizing and dynamic…
I was thrilled with the combo!
Everything else just fell into place after that.
I keyed the decorative border on my drapes 
to the gray and yellow accent colors in the chairs.
And the red was carried around the room in little touches
like the coral on the mantel and cocktail shaker in the secretary.
But the best part?  
Sharing this happy space with all my friends who have come to see it!
And I had a very special guest of honor last night during Designer Night…
My good friend, the rep for Pearson, stopped by to see these beautiful chairs her company
created just for me!
There’s still time to catch the show.
The Bellarmine Show House runs through this Sunday, Sept. 22.
Don’t miss it!  A fantastic tour awaits.



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