FRIDAYfinds! – Sneak Peak at Fall Trends

I love getting the latest scoop on what’s trending next!
Courtesy Gretchen Aubuchon of Fashion + Decor
Gretchen Aubuchon, founder of Fashion + Decor 
just came out with her watch list for Fall 2013 and I couldn’t wait to share it with you!
As in past seasons there is a direct link between the runways and the hallways.
Home decor is taking its inspiration from the fashion world
and it’s full of great crossovers.
Pearson 1914 banquette
They’re definitely making a comeback 
but SO much more edgy than what you remember.
Plaid pairs with purple on this banquette from Pearson.
Brunschwig & Fil Chinese Leopard Toile Multi cotton
I’ve always been a fan!  
But oh how I LOVE this pairing from Brunschwig & Fils.
Toile and leopard make such a nice couple
And so fun with the royal blue spots!
This could end up in MY house…
Global Views Leaf Pendant 9.92043
Not for the faint of heart, there’s a certain aggressiveness to the new metals
that takes them to a whole new level.
I see an obvious crossover to the trend in womens shoes with spikes and studs!
MadeGoods Aniche boxes
MadeGoods Cooper boxes
With colors like turquoise and scarlet, 
we get a sense of the rich depth of these new jewel tones.
TREND five>>>>>>FUR
This Russian Lynx faux fur pillow is just the thing 
to add a jolt of texture to a sofa.
We’re going to see a lot more of this trend.
It speaks to our need to stay cozy and warm.


I know it’s almost Spring out there, but
it’s still fun to look at what’s coming this Fall!

Keep watching for how these five trends start cropping up
on other great furnishings for the home in the coming months.
And remember, you heard it here, FIRST!




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