FRIDAYfinds! – Tassels and Timelines

I’m often asked what a 
"TYPICAL" day is like for me as a designer.
Honestly, I don’t think there IS such a thing as a "typical" day in the design business.
But that’s really what I like best about what I do!
Each morning when I unlock the door to the studio, 
I know there will be variety in my day.
I’m not saying that it’s always fun and creative,
but at least it’s a change-up from the day before.
I took this picture of our work table today to give you a glimpse of the action.
There are probably five to six projects represented here, in various stages.
We’re working on a furniture layout and specifications for one client,
while searching for the perfect grout color for another (the tile installer called and needed it asap).
In between, I’m out on appointments or meeting my contractor to go over a renovation.

It may appear a bit unorganized, but not really.
Each client  has their own wire bin where everything goes at the end of the day.
It’s a great system for storing all the different types of samples we need to put a design together.
When we want to check a fabric, tassel trim or tile sample, it’s right at our finger tips.

The biggest challenge as a business owner?
Managing projects so they keep moving forward on a timely basis, 
while juggling all the administrative "stuff" that comes up.
My real love is DESIGN
so I try to keep the business side under control
to give me more time for the "CREATIVE PROCESS".


When I’m developing a design concept, I separate myself from distractions
by going upstairs in my studio.
It’s my "QUIET ZONE"
and it’s where I do my best creative work.


As the day winds down, I move in to my office and check emails.
After being on my feet all day, this a welcomed break!

But the real treat at the end of the day is
writing my blog!
 It’s energizing for me to write about the many facets of interior design
and I love to share my experiences with




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