FRIDAYfinds! – The GEO trend

Where they were seen as quirky accent pieces in the not-so-distant past,
are now out front and center.
And the design world is mining deep for inspiration!
Arteriors Agate accent lamp
In their natural form, they are certainly worthy of special treatment,
And this lamp artfully gives an Agate fragment a place of honor.
the trend isn’t just about the "real deal".
It’s also about creative interpretations.
Hickory Chair Serge Ottoman with Hable Construction Marble fabric
The marriage of shape and pattern on this ottoman
tells an story of the earth’s layers being compressed under 
tremendous pressure for thousands of years…
and the resulting design. 
Made Goods Vega mirror
I’m lovin’ this! 
Abstract as it is, there’s no denying its roots…
Pebbles in a creek bed are the perfect inspiration for this fantastic sculptural mirror.
Vaughan Zaragoza lamp
Sometimes the simplest interpretations are the best.
This lamp is the perfect homage to nature, don’t you think?
Why is this "GEO" trend gaining such popularity?
My guess is that we all crave a deeper connection to our earth
in our hectic everyday lives and through design, we can get a little closer.
A simple agate hung from a lamp or a swirl pattern wrapped around an ottoman  
can act as reminders to "reconnect" and enjoy our planet each day.
I’m particularly fond of Amethyst,
Maybe it’s because it’s long been associated with



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