FRIDAYfinds! – The Perfect Picnic

Did you know that July was
That’s enough of an excuse for me!  
But I have to put my stamp on it 
so for FRIDAYfinds! I am sharing my version of the perfect picnic.
It starts with a beautiful blanket.  The one above is fine but I’ve got a better idea…
Kravet Outdoor Fabric    Torboli – Surf #31700-13
What could be more festive than this cool fabric made into a custom-sized blanket?
And it’s totally practical since it’s acrylic and polyester yarn!
Kravet  Outdoor Fabric   A Poi  – Lime #31702-303
This is perfect for the reverse side finished with a neutral acrylic fringe.
After the picnic, just hose it down and let it dry.
My favorite picnic time is late afternoon into evening so a candle is essential
Avron Hurricane from The Natural Light
I love the simplicity of this hurricane.  It sets the mood without being too fussy.
What’s missing?  My choice of food would be an assortment of wonderful French cheeses,
fresh fruit and a baguette from Blue Dog Bakery.
You didn’t think I’d forget the wine, did you?  
I love a crisp Sauvignon Blanc or unoaked Chardonnay to keep it light.
Glass, rather than plastic, thank you.
Here’s to a month of fun-filled picnics!


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