From hostess to Aunt Harriet, I’ve found the perfect gift-giving solution for you!  My exclusive room diffusers from Provence are the ultimate scents to give this holiday season.  I am proud to offer the Terres et Senteurs line of diffusers directly from their factory in Aiglun, France, where they still made with natural essential oils and beetroot alcohol.  The result is a captivating aroma that will fragrance your room
for up to 3 months.  
You probably wonder how I came upon this wonderful product line.  It was really the result of a very long search for the "perfect room scent" for my clients’ homes.  I personally tested all kinds of products..  None of them had all the qualities I was looking for: an absolutely mesmerizing scent that was long lasting, an attractive container that would complement any decor, and a clean alternative to dust-collecting potpouri or room sprays that irritate your nose. When I tested Terres et Senteurs, I was hooked!  My search was over.
My choice for the holidays? Cinnamon Amber Orange.  Or choose from a variety of equally fragrant scents.   With Terres et Senteurs diffusers, you’ll be remembered long after the holidays as the gift keeps giving, scenting the room with fond memories of you!
$56 (250ml bottle with reed diffusers) + shipping and handling  
Email or call us today at 502-897-6566 so we can get it to you in time for your first holiday party.

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