Hot on the Trail! Pre-Market Trending

With only a week before High Point Spring Market begins,
the pre-market teasers are flooding my inbox
and I’m pulling out my favorite trends to share with you.
It’s also a good way for me to narrow my focus
on what I want to scout out
I hit the showrooms because once I’m there, 
"it will be massive sensory overload"
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as I hunt down these trends each day. 
courtesy High Point Market Authority
Here are my latest finds
from TrendWatch


Watson and Company 
Is this not the coolest???  
As I mentioned in my last post, metals are big!
This is just another example of how they are playing out.
As the company says, it’s an "antique aesthetic with modern sensibilites"
There’s an edginess to this flower that is very trend-worthy.


Vertuu Design

There are other metals ready to play this spring.
Rose gold, silver and brass fit perfectly together, don’t you think?


Jamie Young chandelier
I’m going to see a lot of Pantone’s color of the year, Rose Quartz 
whipped up into gorgeous confections like this chandelier.


New Pacific Direct

But this is just one of many colors moving on up this spring.
As with past years, there is a direct correlation between
fashion and furnishings, and the
Athleisure trend in casual wear
is having an effect on home furnishings as well.
With an emphasis on relaxation and comfort,
there is a whole new color palette to go with it.
From the palest of pinks to more saturated hues,
they are intended to mimic the casual, energetic vibe of
"Life on the go!"



Wildwood Lamps and Accents

Urban living is on the rise, not only with Millennials 
but with empty nesters ready to pair down.
Furnishings are following suit with small scaled pieces
designed to fit comfortably in tight spaces.

Howard Elliott

Multi-function is high on the list of "must haves"
but without sacrificing beauty and style.  
This display cabinet is cleverly clad in mirror,
which bounces the light around, making it appear weightless
(a real plus in a small room)
Ready to house books and your favorite found objects,
it also serves as a fabulous room divider in an open floor plan.

Ok, I’m getting excited now…Can’t wait to
jump into this 
Creative Playground 
for 5 glorious days!

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