It Started On a Fold-Out Table…


I recently pulled this out of Oprah’s O Magazine because it says so much about my own journey since opening my design business 18 years ago.  To me, the message here is to pursue your passion because passion ignites and sustains all the energies inside of you and allows you think in new and creative ways.  The path becomes more effortless as a result, giving you the freedom to expand and stretch beyond what you ever dreamed was possible.

I’ve been "passionately" growing my interior design business for a while now.  But, I can say that the path has not always been as predictable as I would have hoped.  Luckily, my love of design has been a strong force in helping me find new ways to develop and improve my creative work.  I enjoy coming to the studio every day because I know that there will be plenty of surprises and delights, from finding the perfect fabric or chair for a project, to meeting with a new client and learning more about their lives and how I can help them.

My first "office", a fold-out table in my bedroom, was where I designed the living room for the Bellarmine Show House in 1994.  The stars must have been aligned because it was the first and only time that a major shelter publication had ever visited a show house in Louisville. Traditional Home Magazine chose to photograph my space for a feature article in their May issue, which started the ball rolling for me.

Here it is. The photo of my room for Traditional Home Magazine in 1995.

I’m sure many of you have experienced a special event or circumstance that allowed you to pursue
your passion.  I’d love to hear YOUR story!  Write and tell me how it all came together for you.

Embrace the joys of good design!

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