Jackie Kennedy – The First Lady of Style

Jackie Kennedy – Courtesy of John F. Kennedy Library
In defining style, I could think of no better example than
Jacqueline Bouvier Kennedy.
She epitomized style in everything she did
but for me, 
the way she restored the White House as a living museum 
is her greatest style contribution, by far!
When she visited the White House before her husband’s inauguration,
she referred to it as 
"that dreary Maison Blanche"
Her vision was to make the White House
"the most perfect house in the United States"
She believed that it should be furnished with antiques
that reflected the lives of past presidents who lived there.
Courtesy of the John F. Kennedy Library
An unattainable wish for most, 
Jackie Kennedy made it happen by enlisting the most notable authorities in the
fields of interior design and American antiques.
Just weeks after she moved in to the White House, she met with the famed decorator,
Sister Parish 
and asked for her assistance in the restoration effort.
Her other lieutenant was none other than 
Henry du Pont, 
considered the most qualified expert on the subject of American historical decoration at the time.
Courtesy of the John F. Kennedy Library
When the renovation was complete,
she capitalized on the media fervor by inviting CBS to televise her personal tour of the 
beautifully restored rooms.
Viewed by more than 80 million people, 
it captured the hearts and imaginations of the whole nation. 
 Courtesy of the John F. Kennedy Library
Her style was legendary.
Through her sense of confidence, she became a true visionary 
who used her talents and position to create the "People’s House".
In her words…
"The White House was not only a place for the president to work and live, 
but also as a destination for every American who visited Washington, D.C.,
a showcase for art and culture, and a place of national pride.

I can testify to that!
When I toured the White House in December, I was in awe.
And to think it all started with Jackie!


"Embrace the joys of good design!"

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