Magnificent Homes of America – SWAN HOUSE

A while ago, I told you about my personal quest to visit the 
This one is dear to my heart – a memory from my past when I lived in Atlanta years ago.
The Swan House
centrally located in the Buckhead area 
is a little oasis that I used to visit when I needed a breather from city life.
There’s definitely not a shortage of secluded spots to renew your spirit 
on the grounds of this beautiful property!
But the shining star is actually the back side of the house, 
 with its double winding staircase and cascading fountain that leads to a grand lawn.
The Swan House was built for Edward and Emily Inman in 1928, heirs to a cotton brokerage fortune.
It is considered one of the finest works of Atlanta architect, Phillip Trammell Schutze,
who adapted Italian and English classical styles to accommodate 20th century living.
The interior is just as breathtaking.  
I’m in love with this black and white floor with yellow accents 
The library is a lesson in how to bring a large space down to scale.  
Paneling is the key.
Beautiful in it’s simplicity, the kitchen is loaded with classic design details that are on-trend today.  
Check out the cute little work bench and those great chrome hinges on the ice box! 
And the original minty green color is once again making a comeback.

It’s all in the details.  This is why I love touring historic homes.
They offer a glimpse of the past but more importantly, they give me a blueprint for the future.

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