My Basket List

I have one of these gathering baskets hanging on a wall in my den.  
I fill it with flowering branches or holly leaves….really whatever I find outside at the time.
It reminds me to stay in touch with the rhythm of the seasons.
But lately this basket has reminded me of something else,
Yes I know most call it a "bucket" list,
but I’m not the "bucket" type. 
So I decided to coin my own phrase.
A basket seems so much more refined than a bucket
and for me, it symbolizes the thought more creatively.
Now that I have a basket to fill up, 
I’m "gathering" my ideas on what I want to put in it.
People I want to meet
Places I want to go
Things I want to experience
There are soooo many wonderful things to do in my own city
that I’ve decided to start right here.
And I’ve already done one of them!
An old bridge has recently been redesigned for walking
so my daughter and I took the hike from Kentucky to Indiana.
(which only takes about 20 minutes)
One down, a hundred million to go…
I’ll share more with you as I check things off my list.
What’s on YOUR basket list?




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