High Museum Calder Sculpture 
Recently I’ve introduced you to some of the wonderful people who have given me inspiration
like Amy Howard and the Hable sisters of Hable Construction.
But on a trip to Atlanta last week to visit my son, 
I was reminded of a dear old friend who had inspired me for many years when I was living there
It’s a special place where fine art and design share a common bond
We took in the current exhibit, FAST FORWARD, MODERN MOMENTS 1913-2013
and Wow…from the moment we entered the building, 
it was a contemporary art "rush"! 
I am particularly drawn to the earlier pioneers in contemporary art
and this exhibit did not disappoint.
In collaboration with MOMA in New York City, the exhibit explores the many facets
of contemporary art as an expression of key events in modern history.


Here are my top picks.  I hope they "INSPIRE" you, too!


Giving my son, Emery, an little education.  Think he’s interested?

Jackson Pollack made it look so easy. 
A pioneer in Expressionism, he evoked his artistic gestures by pouring paint across the canvas
in a very calculated way to create this intricately wrought composition.
I love the energy that emanates from this piece!
 "The Chariot" by Giacometti was his attempt to show 
perspective in sculptural form.  The stretched out figure
visually seems to loom in the distance, rather than in the foreground.
With the resurgence of everything mid century, 
this type of art would be right at home in today’s interiors.
I’m a colorist at heart so being up close and personal with this
deKooning was a highlight for me!
This was just the thing I needed to get my creative juices flowing again.
Kudos, HIGH MUSEUM, for a job well-done.  I’ll be back for sure.


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