My Personal Quest

Recently I was interviewed and the question came up, "What would you still like to accomplish?".
One of the things on my rather long list mixes business with pleasure.
What could be better than planning trips around touring the great homes of America?
Learning about the architecture and interior spaces of these magnificent national treasures
is my idea of the perfect vacation! 

I could think of no better place to start than Monticello, home of Thomas Jefferson, located outside Charlottesville, VA,  I’ve visited this fabulous home on many occasions over the past four years that my son has attended the University of Virginia, another one of Jefferson’s creations.
This is where Jefferson’s genius came to life!
His personal study was so inspiring to me.  Could have stayed in there for a while, had the tour guide not ushered me to the next room… I was lucky to catch the afternoon light in this photo.
The dining room was recently returned to it’s original color
Chrome Yellow.
Perfect choice then …and now!
Jefferson was facinated by Chinese Chippendale as seen in these three patterns on the railing.
Inspiration for a fabric?
I couldn’t get enough of Jefferson’s terraced garden!  Perched on the side of his "mountain", 
it’s a work of art.
Jefferson built his garden pavilion as a place to contemplate.  I agree…


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