One on One with Suzanne Kasler!

One of the biggest thrills of attending High Point Market is
being able to sit across the table from design "greats"
As a fellow Southerner,
I’ve followed her for years.
drawn in by her traditional sensibilities and timeless style.
But on this day in the Hickory Chair Showroom,
I had the opportunity to ask questions, face to face,
about how she creates and refines her design concepts.


For me, Market is all about finding the newest and best trends
and translating them into my own design projects.
But sometimes this can be tricky.
So my first question to Suzanne was simple,

"How do you mix trends with timeless design?"


I loved her answer!
She said she starts with a
"foundation of tradition"
 and builds from there with a mix of new pieces
and things her client already owns.
This mix is what makes it timeless.
She described it as an

"edited fresh approach that is more minimal"


Suzanne Kasler for Hickory Chair

This is one of Suzanne’s vignettes in the showroom
that is a great example of
her pared down traditional style –
everything in its place and intentional.
The perfect composition.


Suzanne Kasler for Hickory Chair

Suzanne’s new scatter tables are as fresh as it gets,
but they’re firmly rooted in the French Modern era.
She often taps historical references for design inspiration.
These versatile pieces
could easily move from a traditional living room to a
a hip loft apartment.


So much to discuss but so little time!
I had to make a quick decision on my next (and last) question,
as Suzanne said she had a meeting coming up.

But first things first, I wanted her to sign a book for me
before she got away

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So back to our little discussion…

"What is the one thing that drives your design,
more than any other?"

Once again she held true to her classical leanings.

"I try to get the architecture right"
so that it doesn’t look new.
"If you get the space right then 
you need less decorating"


And then she was off…

Hickory Chair Showroom-High Point Market

This scene made my heart pound!
Seated around this table are the master minds of
 Hickory Chair’s furniture design and
some of the greatest interior designers in the business.
Would have LOVED to sit in on this meeting!!!

With her back to us is Suzanne Kasler.
To her right is Mariette Himes Gomez.
And next to Mariette is Alexa Hampton!
(see my previous Market interview with Alexa)

This is truly where is all happens.
I hit the jackpot today!





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