Petite but Powerful – Powder room Project

Sometimes the smallest projects 
are the most CHALLENGING!
When my clients called me and said they were ready to "fix up" their little powder room
none of us had any idea it would turn into a major overhaul.
As you can see, there were obvious issue with this tiny space that needed correcting.
To be fair, when the house was constructed in the early 20th century,
this was a utility bath 
 intended for use by the staff, not members of the family.
Fine and dandy then, 
but now the homeowners wanted to create a more elegant powder room for guests.
So we got to work and developed a wish list for the "new and improved" space.
*More head room
*Updated fixtures
*Classic finishes 
*Safer entrance
But what we discovered during demolition, was that certain things could be changed,
and certain things COULD NOT.
The good news first.
We were able to lower the floor to gain 3 more inches of head room!
The bad news?
There was no way to correct the curved ceiling, as it was the underneath of the staircase.
But I did find a hidden jewel tucked in there.  See the area to the right?
Perfect for the new custom storage cabinet I designed.
Did you notice the height of the original tile wall?
It was way out of scale so I designed a wainscoting instead
and curved it down to room level.
This was a bit tricky to construct but not in the hands of our skilled trim carpenters!
I’ll show you the results of this beautiful renovation
next week when we finish up.
How do you create a successful space like this?
 I’ll leave you with my opinion…
"It’s all in the details!"



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