Restaurant Confidential – And the name is…

Last time I posted about my new restaurant project,
I promised to share the name with you 
how we’re building the design concept around it.
So here’s a hint…
The flame says it all!


which means "bonfire" in Spanish
is the perfect description
for this fun new restaurant!
The owners have years of experience 
playing with "fire" (or brick ovens, that is)
at their other restaurants in Chattanooga.
The owner experimenting with his brick oven chicken
They are known for creating mouth-watering dishes 
straight from their 800 degree ovens
that redefine the meaning of "Comfort Food"!
So this new restaurant concept is a natural extension
of their mastery of the flame.
With a nod to South American roots, this is not going to be
your typical Latin restaurant.  
I’ve peeked at the menu and it’s more like a yummy mash up
of the best Latin flavors and Southern classics.

"Yes, I’m getting hungry too!"

Now that we have the great name, it’s time for us to
conceptualize the setting.  The owners
describe their vision in this way,
"We want a neighborhood feel where guests come
to relax and enjoy really good food.  Nothing too formal."


I’m a firm believer in a collaborative approach to design and
we have a great team working on FOGATA  –
the owners, architect, restaurant manager, and myself.
Each of us brings a specific expertise to the project that will insure
a well functioning, beautiful space in the end.

credit unkonwn

I found this great exterior shot on line and it became
the inspiration for our team – inviting from the street
with a comfortable interior atmosphere.

After lots of discussion, throwing ideas around,
and general bantering,
we’ve zeroed in on the building concept that will make


THE neighborhood restaurant/bar destination in Chattanooga!

Special dinner at another success story for the owners, Canyon Grill

Cheers to that!

Check back next time for a glimpse of the fabulous finishes
I’m working on for the exterior and interior.



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