Restaurant Confidential – The BEFORE

How do you take an abandoned diner and
turn it into a waiting-room-only destination restaurant?

 I’m excited to say that I’m now part 

of the design team that is going to make this happen!


It’s that kind of project designers dream of…
fantastic clients who give you the freedom to explore creative ideas
and a dining concept that is going to knock your socks off!
From the first day I walked the property on a cold January day
I knew I wanted to share it all with you…
from the scary "before" pics to 
the fabulous grand opening.
With the project in Chattanooga, TN, I’ve already made some road trips
to meet with my clients, the architect and others involved.
In between, we’ve relied on virtual Go-To-Meetings to keep in touch.


To set the stage for the transformation
here it is!


Look somehow familiar?  Originally a Huddle House,
it morphed into this icky fifties diner somewhere along the way. Ugh.  

This could be a challenge….

but never fear,
 there’s always a design solution,
if you look in the right places!

Now this is better.
Continuing our discussion
at my client’s riverside restaurant.
This kind of thinking requires brainfood!


Owners of multiple restaurants in Chattanooga,
my clients insisted that I sample lots of things on the menu
as part of my research.  I didn’t argue

I hope you’ll visit often to see this amazing transition, as it unfolds.
Even though we are still in the design phase,
I can already visualize the finished restaurant, full of happy diners,
kicking back and relaxing with good friends and even better food.



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