Russian Olympic Style!

Courtesy of theguardian.com_photo by Itar-Rass Bancroft
I’ve been glued to the Winter Olympics in Sochi for the past two weeks
and find it hard to think about not seeing the sights and sounds on a daily basis.
Everything about this grand event was exciting but as you might expect,
I was particularly focused on the design elements involved.


"From beginning to end, 
there were so many reminders of the rich heritage of 
Russian design."

In my mind, there’s no image more iconic than the Onion domes.
Tracing back to the 13th century, the domes are an enduring symbol of the Russian Orthodox church.
In their many fanciful shapes and colors, 
they are also an often-drawn-upon historical reference for design inspiration.
I’ve always loved the form, and I’m amazed at the uniqueness of all the different patterns.

But there’s so much more to explore in Russian design…
"With the growing trend towards 
"Global Influence" 
in the home,
Russian themes have surfaced 
in furniture, fabrics, accessories and even lighting!"


Catherine Palace

Located outside of St. Petersburg,
The summer residence of Catherine the Great is the epitome of opulence associated with


As excessive as this seems today, there are new interpretations
I’m seeing that would fit perfectly in today’s interiors.

Currey Rainhill Chandelier

Drippy and cool,
These new intros from Currey draw on the elegance associated
with Russian royalty without being over the top.
Give them a "place of honor"
in your own dining room or entry and elevate your style instantly!

 Currey Buenos Aires Chandelier

Obviously the chandelier has deep roots in Russia.
They chose to feature it in the closing ceremony!
It took my breath away when I saw it…

 Photo by Daniel Karmann/EPA

 There is nothing more beautiful than the traditional Russian folk art headscarves!
First developed in the latter half of the 19th century,
it is believed that different design elements in these patterns
serve as symbols to protect from evil forces and will bring
wealth, health and love.

photo courtesy of

These vivid colors and intricate motifs are finding their way into
modern fabrics, as well.

 Scalamandre Hudson 

With the movement towards bringing
more "meaningful" objects into our homes, it’s no surprise that
designers are drawing on cultural themes for inspiration.
And Russia is a treasure trove!
There is a sense of the past in these
beautiful prints but yet they’re totally fresh and up-to-date.
Use in small doses as pillows or
 embrace the exuberance with window treatments and matching upholstery!

Brunschwig and Fils Nisiotiko



I love gilded and painted furniture so its resurgence is fine in my book!
The originals were from the later half of the 18th century, as demand grew for
ornate furniture to furnish the grand palaces being built throughout Russia,.

Courtesy of

This is definitely a signature look, but handled with restraint,
it could be drop-dead gorgeous in a special space.

 Theodore Alexander Moonlit Masquerade Mirror

This new mirror is all about the decorative detail.
Hand-carved swags seem to lift off the mirror itself,
a trait often associated with the ornate styling of the Russian originals.
Not a safe choice, for sure,
but who wants to be stuck in the land of "sameness"?

Be an original and express your style!
Explore new cultures and find the nuggets that speak to you.




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