Seahorse love…

With the arrival of sunny days and warm breezes, my thoughts are turning to the beach.
Where I live, the closest body of water is the Ohio River 
so the surf and sand of an ocean retreat sounds pretty appealing 
 Later this summer, I hope to make it happen.  
In the meantime,
what better way to anticipate than with some of my "watery"  favorites from Market! 
 Seahorses are showing up everywhere, 
but this incredible cocktail table from Chelsea House is,by far, the most unique I’ve seen.
These navy coral prints from Sochier Marin are a bold reinterpretation of a favorite theme.
Shell botanicals like this one from Duralee
 conjure up memories of great finds on the beach!
Currey Grotto Chandelier
Take me away…

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