Seaside cottage of my dreams – Part Three

As I design my fantasy "Dream Cottage",
I’m reminded of the references to life by the sea in a bygone era.
The cupola on this house is a familiar architectural feature of seaside homes everywhere
but in the past, they served a very important purpose…
As beacons to sailors at sea, these "roof lanterns" guided them safely to shore, much like lighthouses.
So many ways to incorporate the beauty of the sea inside my dream cottage, as well.
While on the beach, I playfully assembled this shell pattern…
What a surprise when I discovered this new Duralee pattern, Ginori.  
Not only is the pattern similar to mine, but the color is called "Sand"!
Perfect for upholstery in the cottage, don’t you think?
Hooker Fretwork Bed
This fantastic bed reminds me of bubbles in the surf.  
Great choice for the bedroom.
I envision a wall color somewhere between blue and green to play up the water theme.
Sherwin Williams Tidewater #6477 would be beautiful.
Imagine this ethereal color popping through the headboard.
Hooker Seven Seas Antique mirror table
Awesome flanking the bed!
Could they have once been in Poseidon’s undersea grotto?
Currey Peabody Lamp
Reminiscent of a sea captain’s chart lamp, 
two of these on the night stands would be ideal for late night reading.



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