Show House Update – 5 days and counting…

"Good things come to those who wait"
I’ve adopted this motto in the past week
as we’ve attempted to install our room, the
amongst the paint, hammers and never-ending DUST!
First of all, let me say that this show house
is going to be the most magnificent in recent years
with its incredible historic architecture and enchanting grounds.
the road to opening day has been rocky.
It’s a given that undertaking a historic renovation has it’s risks.
You never know what you will run in to.
And this house has been no exception.
But every time an issue comes up,
it’s the snowball effect 
and everyone’s schedule has been pushed back.
But we all understand that "Great things don’t come easily".
It’s been an ambitious project, on a short timeline
and everyone involved has had to work together to get it done by our deadline
A case in point…
One day, when I was bringing things to the house, I noticed this area under the eave
that had been totally removed.
The reason?
A beekeeper had to be called in to move the Queen Bee to a nearby roof
so the colony would follow.
Who would have anticipated something like that?
This is just one example of the "surprises" that come with renovating an old house.
But it’s also a testament to the care being taken to insure issues in this house 
are addressed and corrected  in the appropriate way.
There are no shortcuts allowed!
The result?
This will certainly become a jewel in the crown for the Bellarmine Women’s Council
as they celebrate their 40th anniversary of the Show House! 
But long after the show house closes, it will remain as a wonderful
addition to the historic treasures of Anchorage, KY
And that’s worth waiting for!



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