Show House Update – A, B, or C?

I was talking to a client today about the progress on the show house
and telling her that we got an unexpected surprise last week!
When I first saw my space, I envisioned a cool chandelier hanging in the center.
Perfect way to enhance the feminine elegance of my
Unfortunately, by the time this was relayed to the "powers that be"
 it was too late!  
The drywall had already gone up so they couldn’t run the wiring.
"I was disappointed, but hey, I know the rules of the game."
It’s a show house and nothing is assured until they open the doors. 
But I’ve also learned that things can change quickly.
Needless to say, I was ecstatic when they informed me that 
the electrical box was now in the ceiling!
So, here I am looking at three great options for the chandelier
and trying to decide which one.
What do you think?
 Visual Comfort
 "A" is a Regency-style chandelier that definitely has an updated vibe,
much like the mix I’m going for in the room.  And I LOVE that Sheffield nickel finish!
Visual Comfort
 "B"  has all the classic elements of a crystal chandelier without the "fuss"!
Clean, refined, and soooo timeless.
Currey and Company
 And then there’s "C".  
What can I say other than, 
"I can’t take my eyes off of you"
The winner will remain a secret until Sept.7, when the show house officially opens.
Gotta keep a few surprises up my sleeve



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