Show House Update – Peek at the Concept Board

J. Waddell Interiors Bellarmine Show House 2013
Now that my concept has been approved 
I can share some of the details with you.
I’ve named the room, 
Being upstairs near the bedrooms, 
I thought it was fitting to create an intimate area for the women of the house to relax.
A nod to the past for sure, but it’s definitely designed for today’s lifestyle.
This is a historically significant home so it seems appropriate to 
include antiques.
But as you can see, I’ve mixed it up with strong color and graphic wallpaper (for the bath)
to keep it from getting too "museum-like".
Pearson fabric 8083-72
I’m a huge fan of color 
so this Pearson fabric I found really spoke to me! 
It has everything I was looking for – classic motif but fresh, new colors. 
It’s no wonder it  became the starting point for the whole color scheme.
I can’t wait to see it on two of Pearson’s big, cushy lounge chairs.
Against a backdrop of aqua walls, they’re really going to stand out!
Still a work in progress right now.
Will get back with you



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