Show House Update – Special Delivery

I know my posts have been somewhat "sporadic" lately…
With summer vacation, moving my daughter (twice)
and helping my clients get ready for Fall, it’s been CRAZY!!!
But one thing’s for sure – 
"The show must go on!"
(the Bellarmine Show House, that is)
And so in the midst of all this chaos of a summer,
I’ve been finalizing design details for my 
Private Ladies Parlour
and I have to say, it’s coming together very nicely!
So far, so good.  
I know fully well from past experience, that as much as you plan,
you can never relax until you know everything is fabricated,
in your possession, and received in one piece, with no damage, on schedule.
And today, I was able to check a big one off my list!
Probably THE most important design element in my space,
these beautiful Pearson chairs arrived at the studio 
in perfect condition!
 This company never ceases to amaze me.  
They pushed these chairs through production in record time, 
which was even shorter due to their annual summer plant closing.
And they shipped them AHEAD of schedule!
One less thing I have to stress over.
Thanks PEARSON  
It’s just four weeks from OPENING NIGHT
so I’ll be sharing more details as we move into the final phase 
and start to put our room together.
I love this part.  
After months of planning, it’s such a rush to finally see the design in 



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