Spring Market Preview – The Legs Have It!

The Spring High Point Market teasers are starting to trickle into my email
and I’m lovin’ it!
As with recent past markets, the offerings are all over the map
and at first glance
it seems like there’s no major direction emerging.
you know me, 
I’m always digging a little deeper 
to extract the common denominators in the showrooms
that establish the coming trends,
 both obvious and obscure.
It’s my version of a treasure hunt…
Worlds Away Debra table
What I’ve discovered is an obsession with legs!
In every form, every period of history, on everything 
you sit on, eat on or sleep on.
Legs have become the defining point of furniture design.
 Jonathan Charles 50’s Americana side table
And Mid-Century is leading the pack with spidery tapered legs
reminiscent of outer-space satellites.
But I’m also seeing a totally different trend in legs that is both
bohemian and ancient.
Pearson bunching table with black agate stone
These legs are a sturdier variety than their celestial cousins.  
Chunky and substantial,
the pieces take advantage of earthy materials like agate stone and shagreen to soften the bulkiness.
Hickory Chair Marais bench by Suzanne Kasler
The look of a solid piece of carved stone,
this bench conjures up images of king’s throne from a lost civilization.
Hooker Furniture Bohemian Black Croc table


Hickory Chair Nadine chair side table by Alexa Hampton
Just as alluring are the elegant, CURVY legs I’m seeing.
These fun interpretations of cabriole legs, a style that was popularized in the 18th century,
are much more exaggerated and playful than the originals.
Hickory Chair Jones footed table by Thomas O’Brien
This table is a perfect example of the exaggerated styling.
You see classic elements, like the cabriole curve, acanthus leaves and paw feet,
but it’s almost a tongue-and-cheek parody.
Not to be taken too seriously
Hmmm….kindof  how we want to live in our homes today.
Worlds Away Conrad table

The Asian influence has always been a favorite
but this market, it’s showing up in a more whimsical way, particularly on the legs!
With a twist here, and a bend there, you get the sense of its origins
without being too literal.
A colorful top in Emerald Green, Pantone’s color for 2013, also keeps it from being too serious.

HIckory Chair Ceylon M2M table/ Atelier Collection

I’m crazy about the subtlety of these table legs.  So versatile, too!
The styling works with any setting.

Keno Torque chest for Jonathan Charles


Some pieces, like this contemporary cabinet from Keno,
can’t be described as easily.
The designers drew inspiration from somewhere other than history…
They are truly works of art and as unique as you can get!
I love the way the brushed steel legs play against the wood fluting.

And speaking of "whimsical".
This occasional table is the cutest little thing.
With a tripod of "needle" legs,
it’s topped off with a "button", of course!

As I get more Spring Market intros from my vendors, I’ll pass them along to you.
Who knows what other quirky trends I’ll unearth???



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