Spring (Mind) Cleaning

I’m feeling fresh and new…
Spring does that to me.
It’s a time of renewal, yes,
it’s also a time to reflect.
And that’s what I’m doing right now in my design practice.
Looking at what has worked…and what hasn’t 
so I can continue to grow in ways that make me a better designer.
I’ve had this little quote stuck on my desk top for years,
as you can probably tell…
And there’s a reason it’s still there.
It gives me that little nudge I need to remember that 
change is good!
 It forces me to think in new ways – 
to rediscover things I’ve been missing
and create totally fresh ideas I’ve never considered before.  
 This Spring (Mind) cleaning, as I call it, 
has been my main focus for the past 4 days
which is why I’ve been missing from my blog.
But it has paid off in big ways!
I am sooo excited about the ideas and plans that have bubbled up
in the creative sessions I’ve had with my business advisers.  
I’ll be sharing them with you as they come to life…
just like Spring!
So keep in touch with me and check back often for the latest update.



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