STYLE – What is your thread?

 Joan Waddell’s foyer
We all want our homes to tell a personal story…
about who we are, our families, our journeys
and our hopes and dreams.
sometimes its hard to see this story with all the clutter and confusing "stuff"
that is scattered about.
How can we ever define our home "Style" 
with all these things getting in the way?
My answer comes from the title of a wonderful little book I read as a teenager
That title has stuck in my memory bank for all these years
because it perfectly describes a basic design principle of
that is so integral to good design.
It’s also a terrific way to define your personal style.
There is a "thread" that runs through the choices you have made
in your home.
From the colors that appeal to you
to the kind of art you hang on the wall.
Take a walk around your house – room by room
and look for clues to your  "thread".
Try to dig beneath the clutter to uncover similarities between spaces.
Do you consistently gravitate towards a certain color or combination of colors?
 What about pattern?
Are you layering different patterns together with pillows or upholstery fabrics?
design by Mario Buatta
is everything more subdued and monochromatic?
design by Joan Waddell
Check out the accessories you’ve chosen through the years.
There will be a "thread" here, as well.
Whether in the family room or master bedroom,
you will start to notice that certain types of accessories are repeated again and again.
Maybe it’s an abundance of books or cluster of tabletop photo frames.
Regardless of your preferences, they each provide clues to your personality.
Once you’ve taken an inventory of your key style indicators
take a break and read the list back.
You’ll be surprised at all the common denominators!
These become the building blocks to create a unique style in your home
that truly tells your "story".
Have fun in your discoveries 


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