Style Booster – A true “Living” Room

Many of us, including me, live in older homes that have a traditional layout…
The rooms are separate and distinct, 
with a foyer, living room, dining room, den, etc.
Plan by b & m homes

With our very active, non-traditional lifestyles today,

this type of configuration often presents a dilemma,
"What do I do with this room?"
In my recent Style Booster post "Dining room dreams"
I talked about re-evaluating your dining room space
and making it more functional for you
every day of the year instead of just occasionally.
The same holds true for your living room!
It’s no longer a space reserved exclusively for guests or adults only.


So, today we’re going to walk through your living room
to see what we can do to bring it up-to-date and make it more user-friendly.

Design by Thomas O’Brien

To me, the living room should be a peaceful retreat
where all members of the family can come to get away from the noise of the household.
It should be designated a
for more personal pursuits like reading and having a meaningful conversation.
No distractions, just peace and quiet…

Imagine that for a moment.

Sounds pretty enticing, doesn’t it?
When I was growing up, my dad could always be found in the living room
after dinner, reading his latest book.
I would often go in there and just sit with him…quietly.
It’s an image that has stayed with me to this day
because it was such a calming influence on me.
You can create that same sense of calm in your living room, too!

Joan Waddell’s living room

This is my living room where I read the Sunday paper, talk to my husband and kids (when they’re home)
and where I create.
The big bay window allows me to gaze…and dream.
I love this room because there’s no TV and I know the view is always there for me to enjoy,
every day, every season.

The key to making your living room a place where your family will want to come
is to make it comfortable and inviting.

What does "comfortable and inviting" mean to you?

For me, it’s about being surrounded by color –
yellow glazed walls, a oriental rug with aqua, pink and red,
and lively accessories that remind me of my travels.
The upholstery is extremely comfortable – not too buttoned up.
And the lighting is interesting and fun.
I keep that wonderful wool throw on the sofa so I can grab it when it’s a little chilly.
These are all things that make me want to wander in to my living room
to take a break from the

Are you starting to rethink your living room now?
Honestly, I think there are some real advantages to separate rooms,
rather than an open floor plan.
If you live in a home that has a separate living room,
consider yourself lucky and make the most of it!



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