Style Booster – Bedroom Bliss Part II

Last week our personal house tour took us to your bedroom.
We talked about wall color and how important it is to pick one 
that makes you feel calm and nurtured.
Maybe you didn’t finish it…but did you take a stab at it?
I’m confident you will find the 
that speaks to you and gives you that sense of well-being. 
And as promised, I’m back this week to give you some 
tips on making your bedroom supremely comfortable.
It’s all about choosing the appropriate furnishings…
Lillian August Landon King Bed
  Of course you need a bed, but there’s so much more to it than that!
(Super tip #1:  First, find a mattress that gives you the best support.
Then choose a bed frame that fits your mattress and your personal style.) 
This one is a clear winner for me.  
The updated canopy has a traditional reference without being predictable
and the tufted headboard is cozy. Just right for reading in bed!
Hickory Chair Murano Chest
The next most important purchase is a chest.  Bedside or across the room,
it is the most versatile piece you will ever buy.
You’ve heard me say it before…A chest can move anywhere in your home –
from  foyer to den to bedroom.  
It’s one of those investments that just keeps giving!
This is a favorite of mine with its trellis overlay on the drawers.
It would look fabulous next to the painted canopy bed!
(Super tip #2:  Make sure you get the height right!  There’s nothing more annoying 
than a bedside table that is too short in relation to the bed.  
Everything should be within easy reach.)
Arteriors Hastings Hand Carved Lamp
And that brings me to your lamps.
They will have a bigger impact than anything else in your bedroom!
Trust me on this one. 
(Super tip #2:  Remember what a lamp is there for.  Good lighting is 
essential not only for overall affect, but also for reducing eye-fatigue when reading in bed. 
I like tall lamps that give good illumination and have a sense of drama.)
Sam Moore Kamea Chair
We’re talking creature comforts. Right?  
Gotta have a place to perch…to take off your shoes
or snuggle up with your pet.
(Super tip #3:  If you have the space, I prefer a chair over a bench.  
It’s just more versatile and adds another layer of comfort to your bedroom.)
It’s also a great opportunity to add another texture or pattern.
I’m definitely about comfort first, but this chair has it all
with a cushy seat and elegant lines, too!
Lots to think about, I know.
But I have faith!!!!
With some patience and a little soul-searching,
you can create a bedroom that 
lulls you to sleep and wakens you softly.



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