Style Booster – Dining Room Dreams

I have a feeling that you’re getting the hang of this "Style" exercise.
It’s all about using your personal style to 
create harmonious continuity from room to room.
What have you discovered about your preferences?
And how can they be integrated in your home?


Let’s work on the
I have some questions for you.
How are you using this space?
Is it off-limits most of the year?

This is what I hear most often in my practice.  Not trying to put you on the spot
really, why do we have a room that is so under-utilized?
Especially now when we are ALL staying in our homes longer
and trying maximize the living spaces we have.

Is it more your style to have a big, comfortable farm table
that can handle the abuse of an active family?

Piedmont dining table by Suzanne Kasler for Hickory Chair

If so, maybe this should be the look of your "dining room"
No longer are we relegated to formality in this space.
It’s now YOUR choice!

Or to take it a step further.
rethink the room as a whole.  Does it need to be JUST for dining?
You know how I’m all about multi-functional spaces!
What about making it a combination of a study/ homework station/ dining room
that will put it to work 365 days a year!


Isn’t this inviting?  I can see this being a favorite spot from breakfast into the wee hours.
Filled with all your favorite things….books, a special collection, comfy places to perch,
what’s not to love?

Your dining room can be a beautiful space but here’s what you need to think about –
Do you want a little quick fix to put your signature on it?
do you want to totally revise the functionality to better fit you and your family?
Like the other rooms we’ve explored, remember this,

"Your dining room should be an inspiring space that you love to spend time in"

What’s next on my agenda?  Are you "living" in your "living room"?



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