Style Booster – Discover your style at the flea market

One of my favorite past times is 
wandering through flea markets,
especially when the weather is as pretty as it was this weekend!
We were up in Cincinnati visiting our daughter
having brunch at a cafe in an area of the city known as "Over the Rhine".
I overheard someone talking about… 
a curated urban flea market on the grounds of the historic Music Hall 
Well…..that’s all it took for me to make a beeline 2 blocks away!
And this was some of the scenery along the way.  With the University of Cincinnati Design School
just up the hill, the artistic influence is everywhere. 
 I particularly like this wall mural of an interior scene.
What I find most exciting about flea markets is the
Moving from stall to stall, everything is there to be discovered.
And it feeds my artistic soul.
"I’m always thinking about how to use something 
in a new and creative way."
And that’s the whole point of this post…
Start looking at things with a fresh perspective
and let your mind wander.
What are you drawn to?
I love graphic images like the ones above, because they’re fun, unique
and most of all…ORIGINAL!
My take on these would be to pick out 8 or 10 favorites, frame them up
and stack the collection on a wall over a sofa.
Instant drama and style…and it tells a story about YOU!
You’ll never go back to generic art again.
This vintage purse spoke to me.  I envisioned 
repurposing it as a cross-over bag.
One-of-a-kind and full of panache!
 Ok, so what did I see in this???
First of all, I’m obsessed with vintage images (see my Vintage Vibes board on Pinterest)
And this one had sooo much potential!
I love the saying – a great little pick-me-up for children AND adults.
I would frame this for a child’s room 
hang in a mid-century inspired kitchen.
Speaking of vintage.  
Maybe these become the inspiration for the kitchen renovation I’m working on…
Great ideas are around every corner at a flea market!
And it’s a wonderful way for you to discover your personal style
What am I holding?  It’s a metal art lobster
and I’m already thinking…
he’s going on the kitchen counter in my little cottage by the sea.
What are YOU going to find?


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