Style Booster – Does your family room work for you?

I’m hoping you’ve done your homework
from my last STYLE post
and discovered the "Style Diva" within you!
Have you found the common thread that defines your style preferences?
Are you beginning to notice how you gravitate towards certain colors and shapes?
Are you a pattern fan or craving soft neutrals?
What does the artwork on your walls say about you?

Find the spark that lights you up and you’ll be on your way 
to a brand new YOU!
And a brand new HOME, too!


As promised, I’m moving through your house with you
room by room
to help give you inspiration and some simple tips
for implementing your new-found style

Which brings us to the most used and abused room in the house…
The Family Room

Design by Joan Waddell

The couple I designed this for are empty nesters, but not very often…
It’s a busy place when their kids come with the grand kids,
(not to mention the large extended family)
Like you, they are in here constantly, throughout the day and night
so I designed it to be durable, yet comfortable and inviting.

Multifunctional is the key word!

With an open kitchen on one end and the family room on the other,
this space is used for everything from breakfast to informal dinners with friends.
How do they do it?
For one thing, we chose pieces that work double duty.
Do you see the trestle table on the left?
This folds out to accommodate 6 for dinner
or holds a full buffet for a bigger crowd.

Design by Joan Waddell

From here, you can see the antique trunk that doubles as a great coffee table
and toy chest for the grand kids toys!

How do you use YOUR family room?
Are you really maximizing the space you have?
Maybe it’s time to rethink the furniture so that it
serves your purposes better.

 Hooker Chic Coterie Collection decorative lateral file

There are many pieces available today
that are multi-functional.
This chest from Hooker’s new Chic Coterie Collection
is a favorite of mine.
Great storage, yes, but did you know it’s also a file cabinet?
Instant office in the middle of your family room!

On to the powder room next…
See you then


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