Style Booster – First Impressions

So we’re taking the tour through your house
to uncover your 
Are you still with me?
So far we’ve looked around your kitchen, family room and powder room
and I’ve given you some "food for thought"
to help you find out what you like, and how you want to live.


Which brings us to the first room everyone sees when the front door opens…
What is your foyer saying about "YOU"?

Design by Joan Waddell 

If first impressions are lasting, then why do we tend to ignore the one space that creates them?
Whether it’s the drama of contemporary minimalism or a more traditional feel
your foyer should instantly tell your guests who you are.

There’s no doubt about this client’s style!
They both love abstract art and sculptural furniture.
They wanted everything in their foyer to have equal importance –
no clutter to interrupt the site lines or interfere with seeing their beautiful pieces.
Anyone walking through their front door knows they’re in for a visual treat!

This may not be your preference, but the point is that this foyer
clearly defines the tastes and personalities of its owners.
And not in a timid way, either!

Joan Waddell’s Foyer

In contrast, my foyer is very traditional –  an eclectic mix of things I love.
I use this little corner to display "My Story"…
My wedding photo along with baby pix and tiny silver boxes I’ve collected,
a special silver biscuit barrel my husband gave to me that holds fresh flowers,
the framed engraving I found on a trip to Paris,
and even the lamp, which was made from a beautiful yellow porcelain vase.
All these things are insights into my personality, my life.

Although our personal styles are very different, there is one thing in common
between my client’s contemporary foyer and my traditional one.
Everything in the space is intentional!  
No clutter in either case, just interesting things that are important to us,
displayed in a pleasing way.

OK.  Let’s get down to business!
Stand in your foyer and think about it…
Is it telling your story?
If not, it’s time to make some changes so that it does.

It really makes no difference whether your foyer is huge, or
the size of a postage stamp!
There’s no excuse for not making it a personal statement.
So here are some great "Game Changers" for you to consider…

Pearson Demilune Console 9832

 Start with a place to drop your keys.
I love the curves of a demilune like this one from Pearson
because it doesn’t gobble up as much space as a rectangular chest.

Frederick Cooper Blue Eden 65251

Lamp light is always welcoming
Be expressive with your choice!
My pick is from Frederick Cooper with its fresh color and classic details.

Mirror Fair Venetian Oval Ribbon Mirror

For me, a mirror is a must in a foyer.
We’re talking major drama here!  Imagine this fabulous Venetian mirror
above your demilune?  Definitely not ordinary, nor should it be!

So have you thought about your floor?  There are certain considerations when it comes to
any type of floor covering in a foyer.  Of course it must be durable,
but it also needs to absorb water and hide the dirt, too
My choice?

Surya Tamira tam1000 area rug

 I love the relaxed yet elegant look of this Surya rug.

As you know, the options are endless.
The key is making choices that create your personal story.
Start with your foyer and see how it flows from there!

Stick with this…It’s a great way to re-energize your home in the new year.
We’re going into the dining room next!


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